Postgraduate certain registration documents;

  • Four passport- size photos,
  • Undergraduate for postgraduate, master’s degree for doctorate, Turkish translation of undergraduate and postgraduate transcript (translation approvals must be made by notary or Foreign Representatives of Republic of Turkey),
  • Notarized translations of passports that have “student visa“,
  • Photocopy of residence document taken from Provincial Security Directorate (after exact registrations),
  • Education fee receipt (they can pay into as Intuitional Collections Transactions with passport number or to any branches of Vakıfbank),
  • Foreign students, when they demand, they can pay the fee of Social Security Institution General Health Insurance to account of T.C. Ziraat Bankası 348976785001 in 2016-2017 academic year fall semester,
  • Registered students, must report their temporary Foreign Citizen of T.C. numbers to institutes.
  • All foreign students who are studying in Turkey can benefit from General Health Insurance. If students benefit from general health insurance, students can take advantage of all public hospitals without any payment and also students can take advantage of private hospitals with paying small contribution. Students can go to our university’s International Student Office for getting information about general health insurance in Turkey. After that, students can go to Social Security Institution and make their application, after registering to Social Security Institution; students can pay the fee monthly within one month.
  • If students don’t make an application to general health insurance in three months, after registering, students cannot take advantage of general health insurance which provided by the government. Unlike that, if students have an international insurance, they can use this insurance or they can take advantage of specific insurance, some universities render services of specific health insurance for its own international students.
  • Turkey is known with render services of good quality health in return low price. Thus, many patients from neighboring countries as well as developed countries from West prefer to come to Turkey for visual test, surgery etc.
  • Until taking advantage of health insurance in Turkey, it is suggested that students should visit their dentist, take their spare glasses and carry an emergency case.
  • Unidentified previously,
  • Lost cards,
  • Stolen cards,
  • Broken cards since first day,
  • Printer errors on the cards,
  • Those students can demand student identity card by the way of online “identify card” on OBS. After this request, the system sends a message to the student’s recorded telephone number in ÖBS. Students who take this message can take their ID cards from E-Cards Office that is near the central cafeteria.


    Recording Place:

    Student Affairs Building International Student Office


    University Student Affairs Building, Entrance Floor International Student Office

    Recording Date:

    Exact registration date is published on the official page of Office of International Affairs.

    Necessary Documents For Exact Registration According To First Placement:

  • The original high school diploma and its Turkish translation certified from notary or Turkish Foreign Representatives. Equivalence Certificate (It is obtained from Provincial Education Directorates or Turkish Foreign Delegations in students’ countries). Original transcript and its Turkish translation certified by Turkish Foreign Representatives (file which shows Middle school grade average).
  • The original copy of the International Placement Examination Result Document.
  • Turkish certificate of competency (students who cannot provide this document should attend Turkish Competency Exam held by our university).
  • Six passport-size photos.
  • Certified copy of passport and certified example of passport which is translated into Turkish by notary or Turkish Foreign Representatives.
  • Written statement of financially competent to cover their expenses during the education period in our country (except T.C. nation students).
  • Bank receipt that showing payment of tuition (The number given is deposited in one of the banks to which the University is contracted by International Student Office of the Student Affairs Department during the registration or after pre-registration).
  • Students who have two nations should declare identity register copy.
  • The Documents That Must Be Taken After Registration Form:

  • Foreign National Information Form,
  • Student certificate.
  • These two documents are needed for students to apply for a Residence Permit after registration to our university.

    Necessary Documents To Be Submitted To The Student Affairs Department After The Transaction:
    1. Certified copy of the Residence Permit for study purposes (must be submitted to the Department of Student Affairs of International Student Office within one month from the date of enrollment to university)
    2. Diploma Equivalence Certificate if not prepared at the time of registration.