Incoming students are paid scholarship that is identified by Higher Education Institution of Turkey(YÖK) and it differs according to years. At first % 80 percent of the scholarship is paid and at the end of the semester in accordance with student’s success the last % 20 percent of the scholarship is paid. This year 825 Turkish liras will be given to students. Students do not pay any tuition fees to our institution during the program.
In Mevlana Exchange Program students are paid just for one semester.

Who Can Benefit

Students registered in formal education programs in associate, bachelor, master and doctorate degrees at higher education institutions in partner countries that we signed bilateral Mevlana Exchange Program Protocols may benefit from this program.

Mobility Countries

*If there is not Mevlana Exchange Program Agreement with your country please sign Mevlana Exchange Program Protocol with Atatürk University.

Mevlana Program Regulations
Application Requirements of Mevlana Exchange Program

– To be a student of associate, bachelor, master and doctorate degrees at higher education institutions serving formal training.
– To have 2,5 general point average (GPA) for associate and bachelor degrees; 3,00 GPA for master and doctorate degrees.
– % 50 foreign language score + % 50 GPA
– Students of associate and bachelor degrees in preparation and first classe; and students of master and doctorate degrees in preparation and scientific preparation classes can not benefit from this program in the first semester of the basic education.

Application Date

The application date changes according to Higher Education Institution’s academic calendar, but it is generally announced at the end of the March and at the beginning of the April.

How Long is the Mobility

Students can make their learning protocol for one semester ( Fall or Spring ) or two semesters ( Fall + Spring ).