Who Can Apply Atatürk University By Taking Advantage Of Foreign Students Quota?
  • Students, who are either in their last year in high school or graduated,
  • Students, who have foreign nationality,
  • Students who have Turkish nationality from the birth but take permission from the Ministry of Interior to leave nationality,
  • Students who have two nationalities,
  • Students who have Turkish nationality but completed their secondary education anywhere else other than Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic (K.K.T.C),
  • The applications of citizens of Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus who live in TRNC (K.K.T.C) and completed their secondary education in TRNC or the ones who have the GCE AL exam results by registering in the colleges and high schools in other countries and having education are accepted.

  • Additional Placement:Applications can be made for retained quota with exams given below:
    SAT 1 Exam; minimum 400 as the total score and minimum score 200 for mathematics;
    ABİTUR exam: minimum 4;
    Candidates who took the exams of other Higher Education Institutions that Atatürk University recognizes and shows on its website;
    Secondary Education GPA: 60% of total score (Open Education Faculty can be applied only).
    Turkey Scholarships:Can be checked-in until the date given by YTB. Click here for Turkey’s scholarship application form.
    Required Documents For Postgraduate Application
  • One passport- size photo,
  • Bachelor diploma copy for master, master diploma copy for PHD or graduation certificate and bachelor and postgraduate transcript copies, and also notary certified copy or Turkish Republic foreign representative certified Turkish translation of these documents,
  • Students who graduated in abroad, (if available) certificate of equivalence from Higher Education Institution (YÖK) or (if available) the document shows that their university is accepted by YÖK.
  • Necessary Conditions For Postgraduate Application
  • Nominee should apply on time and fill the forms in OBS after online application. The institutions accept applications so necessary documents should be sent to the institutions. If any document is missing, application cannot be evaluated.
  • After applications are accepted, nominee should sign in OBS with user name and password then make a preference. Students who do not complete their application cannot be evaluated.
  • The applicants that apply for postgraduate programs, are going to select 3 universities for mobility (1 for Fine Arts Faculty) if they complete the application requirements. The applicants are placed for preferred university considering their fulfillment of entry requirements. After first placement, accepted students’ list are announced through our website.
  • Those who will apply for doctorate program should have foreign language exam (YSD) (other than mother tongue) score minimum 55 or any other exam that is accepted by Inter University Committee.
  • Those who will apply with licence or postgraduate diploma can only make two preferences.
  • Foreign students do not need an ALES score.
  • Students should check –in to the related institutions on the given dates.
  • If students cannot make their registration by themselves without a valid excuse, they can make their registration by means of their deputation on given dates. Applicants should submit necessary documents to the related institutions.
  • If students do not register for any reason on the given dates, they will lose their right to be a postgraduate student even if they have been placed. Those students are also not regarded in second placement.
  • Application Evaluation
  • The applicants’ scores in 4 point grading system on their transcripts are converted to YÖK’s hundred table.
  • For the postgraduate applications, %70 of licence average, %30 of Turkish language scores are assessed.
  • For doctorate applications %70 post graduate average, %30 Turkish language scores are assessed.
  • According to nominees’ scores, students are placed starting from the highest scores to the institutions.
    Either DİLMER or three-person jury chosen by the Institute Executive Committee holds Turkish language exam. In order to be considered successful and start the courses, student should get minimum 70 out of 100.
  • For the students who failed in the exam can either take courses at DİLMER or they are given permission for one year in order to learn Turkish by their own efforts.
  • According to criteria of European Common Languages, students who already have B2 or above level are exempt from Turkish Language Exam.
  • If the higher education institutions that the accepted students graduated have equivalence or accepted by YÖK, they are registered, if institution does not have equivalence or aren’t accepted by YÖK, their provisional registration isn’t completed. After their equivalence is signed up by YÖK, they are registered otherwise they are discharged.