Language of Instruction

Language of instruction is Turkish in many departments of Atatürk University. English taught departments are:

– Faculty of Medicine
– Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (30% English)

When necessary or demanded, the other departments could open English taught classes. If you enroll a Turkish taught programme, you need to learn Turkish. Turkey is the most convenient country for international students who take their education in English and want to learn Turkish, which is one of the mostly spoken languages in the world. If you are enthusiastic about taking education in Turkey and learning Turkish, you can fulfill it through the centers below:

  • Language Centers at the related universities (like DİLMER at Atatürk University)
  • Turkish Education Center (TOMER)
  • Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre
  • Private Language Courses
  • Student Clubs
  • About Ataturk University DILMER

    Depending on emerging economy of Turkey and increasing importance between nations, in the World, especially in our area, number of people who want to learn Turkish is increasing day by day. To meet this increasing demand, to contribute to popularization of Turkish language in international communication; to contribute to the international relations of Turkey and our university Language Training Application and Research Center was established within the structure of our university in 1993.

    According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, with experts in their fields, DİLMER carries on the activity of education by using modern language learning methods and technologies in its small-sized classrooms. When necessary, our Center is in a position to get support from the Department of Turkish Language and Literature at Faculty of Arts and Department of Turkish Language and Teaching at Faculty of Education.


    Ataturk University Education Programs

    Our courses are arranged according to the Common European Framework of Reference’s language levels and provide communicative and student centered training.

    Our courses and certificates;

  • A1-A2 (Basic Level)
  • B1-B2 (Intermediate Level) and C1-C2 (Advanced Level)
  • Optional diction courses
  • Atatürk University undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • Atatürk University instructors and staff
  • Occupational groups and vocational career candidates
  • Self-employed

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