Before the Mobility
1It includes the detailed information on your mobility at the host institution. You cannot start your mobility without this document. Faculty member and staff mobilities should be min. 5 days and max. 2 months (except for travel days).Mobility Agreement for Training and Teaching
2This document is organized by International Affairs Office of the host institution as the Programme Country pays the grant for all participants from Partner Countries. It is signed by both sides. (Only for Erasmus+ KA107 Participants.)Grant Agreement
During the Mobility
1For the grant payment, the participant should open a bank account when s/he arrives to Programme Country. (Only for Erasmus+ KA107 Participants.)Euro Account
After the Mobility
1This document is given by host institution according to your mobility dates. It can be used as a certificate of participation. Confirmation of Mobility
2The participant delivers the boarding passes and the stamped page of their passports to the host institution's International Affairs Office. Boarding Pass
3Host institution's International Affairs Office records your mobility on Mobility Tool and an online survey sent to your e-mail address by the system. The participant should submit the survey in a week to receive the second grant payment. Online Survey