Who And How Can They Benefit From State Dormitories?

“Turkey Scholarship” students are accommodated in Higher Education Credit and Dormitories Institution’s dormitories without deposit and dormitory fees within the quotas allocated until their scholarship is over. The residence address should be indicated in the acceptance letters of the home country before coming to receiving country. For the students matriculated our university with their own facilities, application and registration procedures for dormitories are given below:

  • All international students in the Higher Education Credit and Dormitories Institution’s dormitories are treated equally.
  • Preparatory class students and university freshmen that are entitled a higher education program for the first time by entering the University Entrance Exam, residence applications of intermediate class students; after the results of the exam are announced by the Student Selection and Placement Center, the e-government is done through the portal. The students who extend the school also apply with the intermediate class students.
  • Evaluation results are announced at http://yurtkur.gsb.gov.tr/. After the results are announced, students on backup list are given an application number to follow the additional placements.
  • Application is made via e-government portal. (The T.C. identification number is issued after the residence permit has been issued. The port can be registered at the PTT branches.)
  • Required Documents:

  • 4 passport-size photos taken in the last six months,
  • Registration, ID, dormitory fee and deposit fee receipt / receipt,
  • For persons under 18 years of age Family Permission Certificate,
  • Students who do not register with the relevant dormitories within the given period will lose their rights.
    After the registration, the room and bed numbers are given by the dormitory administration.