Turkey scholarships are higher education scholarships supported by public findings that are given to international students by Turkish Republic. Foreign students who are coming by projects that supported by European Union (as Erasmus) and foreign students who are coming by framework of bilateral agreements of Higher Education Council or students who are coming by scholarships those given by their own universities are out of Turkey scholarships.
Identity number is given to foreign national citizens who reside in Turkey more than six months. It is taken while applying for residence permit from Foreigners Department Of Provincial Security Directorate.
It is the entrance permit visa procured by our Foreign Representatives for international students coming Turkey for educational purposes. Candidates that awarded Turkey scholarships should get this visa by applying to Turkish Republic Embassies/Consulates before arriving Turkey.
It is the general health insurance for foreign national students to ensure their general health coverage like Turkish citizens.
It is a document shows ones legal residence in Turkey. All international students who come Turkey in order to have education must get this document. Residence permit is taken from Provincial Security Directorate of the city where students are studying. Students must apply to Provincial Security Directorate of the city most lately 1 month since the date of their arrival to Turkey. In the case of absence of residence permit, students face with punishment.
Residence permit is available for spouse and students’ children aiming to receive international education in parallel duration with his/her period of study. As for other relatives, it is possible to provide residence permit for six months for those who have short-term visa or visa exemption and one year for those who have long-term visa for visiting purposes, which can be provided from our foreign representatives.
Candidates, willing to apply to Turkish Universities, can get information about the universities via the websites of the universities listed on the preference list.
There are departments that give education in foreign language within the framework of international concepts. But candidates who are willing to have foreign language education is required to submit internationally valid foreign language certificates for the language in question and to load these certificates to the application system in the course of application.
It is not compulsory to know Turkish in order to apply Turkish universities. Awarded students who don’t know Turkish are provided Turkish language education.
Turkish Language Education is generally given at the university where you are placed or in a Turkish Language Training Center in the city of your university. But if there is no training center in the city, another nearby center may be chosen.
Yes, each student who doesn’t have Turkish Competence Certificate is provided Turkish Language Education during 1 year.
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