Estimated Living Expenses

An international student on average must spend around 300-400 USD per month for housing, clothing, entertainment, public-transport and telephone. Books and other administrative expenses are around $ 100 per semester. However, it should be noted that your living standard could change these prices considerably.

Erzurum is a good choice for a good education in a good university with a quiet student life and a wide range of places. Ataturk University is one of the most prominent cities in Turkey with its activities and facilities related to winter sports, with 300.000 students and more than 2000 international students. One of the important elements of Turkey and Erzurum in particular is that it can offer a better quality standard with a cheaper lifestyle compared to other cities and countries.

Current exchange rate

Monthly general expenses
Housing 200 - 300 USD (This fee may be reduced if more than one person shares a house)
Transportation50 USD
Books100 USD (Semester)
Lunch on campus1.9 TL
Bread0.75 TL
1 litre water1 TL
Fruits-VegatableIt ranges from 1 TL to 4 TL.
Pasta and rice (kg)It ranges from 1 TL to 4 TL.
Sugar and Salt (per kg)Around $ 2
Tea / Coffee (1 cup)1 TL / 5 TL
Internet and Phone chargeBetween 20-50 TL per month
Minibus Ticket(Student)1.5 TL
Minibus Ticket(Lecturer)1.75 TL
Bus Ticket(Student>1.75 TL
Bus Ticket(Lecturer)2.00 TL
Cinema Ticket15 TL
Concert Ticket25 TL over
Haircut10 TL over