To this program, which was held first in 2007, students are accepted in varying numbers between 2-4 from universities that we have bilateral agrements. The aim of this summer school is to have good relationships with sister universities and to introduce our university, region and country by means of these students. Students all costs, except travel expenses, are covered by our universitY. This program includes popular subjects, cultural programs, trips to region and activities. English is spoken as common language. Students are learning Turkish just at the level of introducing themselves and by communication among them, they have chance to get in touch with so many cultures.
Summer school provide contribution to World peace. Students learn Turkey, Turkish Culture, Erzurum and Atatürk University, besides, they share their own cultures among themselves and all costs during their stay in Erzurum, except travel expenses, are covered by the university. Students of Atatürk University participate in summer school programs especially organized by universities in Taiwan.

2. Winter Schools

The program carry out together DILMER, was first organzed in 2010. Every year at the end of January and begining of March nearly 35 students from universities that we have bilateral agreements and/or relationships are attending to this program. All costs during their stay in Erzurum except travel expenses are covered by our university. This program is for students whose mother tongue is not Turkish but studying in Turkish Language department or students who want to learn Turkish. The aim of this program is to improve students Turkish pratic and help them to get cultural acquisition. Students recognise our university, region and countrybesides learning and practicing Turkish.